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Tricks is getting ready to launch its streaming platform, Tricks.tv, dedicated to all things ride culture.

Expect 100% exclusive and original action sports content, including films, documentaries, shows, live events, and competitions. With live streaming, replays, and on-demand video options, Tricks.tv will be the go-to spot for all your ride culture video needs on any screen.

Image for tricks highlights, best pushs of Tricks.socialImage for tricks highlights, best pushs of Tricks.socialImage for tricks highlights, best pushs of Tricks.social

Independent and exclusive films

Tricks.tv will feature a catalog of independent films and documentaries made by passionate creators. Our goal is to shine a spotlight on content and creators who may not get as much attention from the big players in the extreme sports industry and bring you original creations you won't find on other streaming platforms.

Support independent filmmakers

Tricks.tv will operate on a pay-per-view model, so there's no subscription required. You can buy individual films and documentaries that interest you. This helps support the hardworking filmmakers and videographers who are creating high-quality content and allows them to continue making more. Plus, it's a win-win: you get to watch cool stuff and support the community "by the ground" at the same time.

Take your films with you on the go!

Don't have time to watch a film right now or want to watch it on your way to class or your next spot? No problem. On Tricks.tv, you can download the film, documentary, or replay of your choice and watch it offline, so you don't have to waste your 5G data.

Access Tricks.tv with your Tricks.social account

All of our platforms are linked through Tricks.social (we like to call it our backbone), so with your Pusher profile, you'll have access to the Tricks.tv catalog. Just choose the content you want, pay to support the filmmakers, and that's it! You can then watch the content as many times as you want.

*Don't worry we won't spam you :)

A show dedicated to the world of Ride

Avatar Anthony Jeanjean
Rider Pro

Anthony Jeanjean

Three-Time European Champion and World Vice-Champion in BMX Freestyle

Broadcast on 06/04/2023, watch the replay on Tricks.social!

Avatar Anthony Jeanjean
Rider Pro

Antoni Villoni

Professional MTB Rider and Content Creator

We'll see you on 04/05/2023 for the live

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