Our vision is simple:
support the actions sports industry "by the ground"

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Our Platforms - Tricks.social

Discover and join the community made for riders!

Most social networks rely on advertising models and offer mainstream content.

We are not here to replace existing platforms but rather to bring new applications dedicated to all action sports communities! We have chosen a strong and differentiating position:

  • Our main app is 100% ad free!
  • Our users have control over what they want to see... and what they don't!
  • Just action sports and nothing else!
  • Features designed for fans and practitioners of these disciplines!

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Our Mission

Ok but what is "by the ground" ?

The Tricks Network has given itself a mission: to change the status quo and support the action sports industry. For too long, there has been a disparity between the minority at the top and the majority at the bottom. This reality not only disadvantages the industry but also goes against the evolution of the market and global issues. The Tricks Network is shaking up the current system and bring together a unique and strong vision: to help the struggling majority of the industry through the riding community, "by the ground". That community that is the essence of action sports and what makes them so special.

Our goal is to help creating value with all players and distribute it to those who need it in the action sports space. We are setting up a system that aims to support the future of our sports, by providing digital solutions for the community that wants to become an actor in the development of these sports. Supporting content creators, riders, experienced or beginner riders, fans, and also highlighting environmental and social initiatives that rely on action sports through dedicated digital platforms.

Moving forward with those who make up the community, highlighting the passion and values of sports actions while helping organizations better address their challenges: this is the mission of The Tricks Network.

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Our platforms

The digital platforms of the Tricks ecosystem

We are working on several platforms to meet the needs of all actors in the action sports community. This ecosystem has Tricks.social, the 100% ride community network, as its backbone, and the other Tricks platforms will enhance the user experience by offering specific features.

Your datas stay with us!

Your datas are secured and will not be sold! NEVER! As a French company, we apply one of the most advanced legislation in the world when it comes to personal data management.

But The Tricks Network wants to go further by offering a safer, healthier, and open online experience, in line with the values of our sports!

Our users are at the center of our project

Since the beginning, we have worked with the community to better understand their needs and help us make the right decisions. The Tricks Network try to offer solutions that meet their needs. That's why we launched a public Roadmap that every user with a Tricks.social account can contribute to by reporting a bug, voting, commenting on a future feature, or suggesting new ideas.

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Partners who believe in and support #thetricksproject!

Because alone we go fast but together we can go far, we are keen to bring together other players in the action sports industry behind the Tricks project.

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These partners who believe and support #thetricksproject

Our Riders

They ride for us...