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By Carla

December 2022

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A crazy update for! just dropped some new features that you're gonna love! 🔥

Right now, you have access to messaging so you can chat with all the riders on the app and get advice from the community! Head to their profile and start the convo 😉 You can find all your messages in the messaging section accessible from the action bar!

That's not all! The Discovery menu is stepping up its game with a Search feature! Whether it's searching for a rider by their username, a sport, or a trick, you can search for it all 🔍

Geolocation is also here, so you can check out riders near you through the Discovery menu, check out their profiles, and contact them to set up ride sessions together 🤟🏻

We also created the Shoutout feature and a public, interactive Roadmap of features! Shoutout lets us send you important news like contests, challenges, and events! And most importantly, the Roadmap will be interactive and public: you can post your own feature ideas, vote and comment on other riders' ideas on the platform.

Check out ! 🤟🏻


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