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Lounis Regad

馃嚝馃嚪 France 路 Ski Freeride, Cliff jumping

Avatar Lounis Regad
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Avatar Lounis Regad

Lounis Regad

馃嚝馃嚪 France 路 Ski Freeride, Cliff jumping


24 ans





He has been a skier since he was young because his parents always took him skiing despite living about 2 hours from the nearest ski resort.

He has a high school diploma and a DUT in science and materials engineering.

He is currently working as a seasonal worker in the small ski resort of Piau Engaly in the French Pyrenees and works as a cook in a hotel/youth hostel. It's kind of the hideout he chose to be able to ski every day.

He considers himself a self-taught skier, although he took classical ski lessons from the ages of 2 to 16 during the holidays. This is where he became interested in freestyle by watching videos on social media. He began training by watching tutorials and going to a trampoline gym near his home, where he eventually worked as an instructor, allowing him to reach a sufficient acrobatic level.

He also made lifestyle choices to be able to ski as often as possible, which allowed him to progress in the sport.

His love for action sports came in high school when he started skateboarding with his friends during free time. Then he became interested in freestyle skiing and by working in his trampoline gym, he met practitioners from all backgrounds: gymnasts, freerunners, and cliff jumpers. So he diversified his skills and has been cliff jumping every summer for the past 3 years, surrounded by the best.

This attraction to the extreme divides his surroundings into two, between those who support him to go further and those who find it too risky. He has so far proved that by regularly training, following the learning steps, and taking all available safety measures, he has never had any serious incident.

His two main goals are to continue traveling to practice the sports he loves: freeskiing and cliff jumping, and to succeed in developing his handmade ski workshop.

He started making his own skis with his technical background and free time offered by the covid. To date, there are only a few functional prototype pairs that he uses almost daily.

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