Tricks - A fundraising to support action sports

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February 2023

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The Tricks Network is starting its fundraising to support the action sports industry.

The Tricks Network's mission is to change things in the action sports industry. For too long, there has been an inequality between a powerful minority and the majority that struggles. This status quo is out of line with current global challenges and the market. The Tricks Network wants to remedy this situation by bringing together enthusiasts around a common vision: to help the majority of the industry through the community, "by the ground".

To achieve this goal, The Tricks Network is developing a digital platform ecosystem dedicated to action sports. The backbone of this system is, an application that allows its users to connect and share their content in real-time. This application offers an intuitive interface to discover new talent, follow the latest trends, and even participate in challenges organized by the community.

In addition to, The Tricks Network offers a complete range of products dedicated to the ride culture:, an exclusive content platform on extreme sports, such as independent films, shows, documentaries, events, and competitions;, an online learning platform with online courses, tutorials, and expert advice;, an interactive map to find new spots to practice your favorite action sports;, a blog platform to stay informed about the latest news on action sports; and Tricks.event, an action sports event calendar to discover and participate in these events.

Redistribution for the community "by the ground"

This ecosystem of specific digital platforms, and their adapted functionalities, will allow for the redistribution of the valorization and monetization maps of the actors in the action sports industry. By offering tools and levers to allow semi-pro talents and riders to benefit from financial support, visibility, or potential sponsorship connections...

The central point of this shift: the community, enthusiasts and practitioners of action sports. Through our different tools, we are committed to this value redistribution approach, with concrete actions.

A fundraising to accelerate development

We are convinced that our digital platform ecosystem dedicated to the action sports industry will have a significant impact on the way talents, semi-pro riders, and sponsors interact. We also believe that our community value redistribution approach, "by the ground", will move the lines and contribute to strengthening the industry.

If you are an action sports enthusiast and want to help make a difference, do not hesitate to contact us to find out more about investment opportunities. You can also follow The Tricks Network updates on our website and on our social networks.

Together, we can change the status quo and support the action sports industry!


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