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An inability of platforms to offer quality content.

The world of extreme sports is seeing a growing number of riders around the world, an increasing exposure in the media, but actual social networks are not tailored for this audience and their needs.

Riders and content creators are struggling with visibility and specific tools to interact with the community.

Also, brands and organizations have difficulties to connect with their audiences.

What is the added value of TTN compared to other networks?

The Tricks Network offers several interconnected platforms with the being at its core.
A social network 100% dedicated to action sports, for the enthusiasts, experienced riders or not, content creators, professional riders as well as companies evolving in the action sports world. is also a qualified audience, engaged and interested in the unique content offered by these extraordinary sports.

What are we trying to bring?

A new way to consume extreme sports, to live fully its passion with quality content and to connect the action sports community.

It's also a tailored experience with specific features for those users to help them to fully live and share their passions.

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