We are developing a digital ecosystem dedicated to action sports.

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We are developing a digital ecosystem dedicated to action sports.

As enthusiasts, we are constantly looking on mainstream social networks for qualified content related to our passion: action sports.

Unfortunately, this content is drowned out by the mass published every day on these mainstream platforms, creating a feeling of frustration felt by enthusiasts and content creators.

That's why we decided to create a real ecosystem that exclusively addresses enthusiasts, practitioners, content creators, companies, and professionals in action sports.

This ecosystem is Tricks, a symbolic word for this universe since it refers to the figures made by riders.

Through this ecosystem, we want to support and help the community to valorize these extraordinary sports and monetize its content. That's why we are creating different tools and platforms, such as Tricks.social: the backbone of our ecosystem.

It is a 100% action sports community network without ads that allows all actors in this industry (practitioners, enthusiasts, athletes, brands, associations, etc.) to exchange on their shared passions. The application is available on iOS, Android and through a web browser.

Around Tricks.social, others platforms such as Tricks.academy, Tricks.news, Tricks.event and Tricks.land will revolve, which will strengthen the community's Ride experience with different types of content and information.

Our vision

Inspire by action sports

At The Tricks Network, we are convinced that sports and athletes are real sources of inspiration. They show us how to be determined and persistent, how to push ourselves further every day to become even better. It is thanks to them that we learn the importance of discipline and tenacity, and that we can achieve our goals, whatever they may be, by working hard and never giving up.

Among all sports, there is one category that is truly special and can even more inspire us: action sports. These sports are practiced in difficult environments and conditions, and that is why we admire the riders and their feats. They show us that nothing is impossible if we put our hearts and determination into it, and that it is possible to surpass our own limits.

We believe that action sports convey real values such as passion, self-improvement, open-mindedness, and social integration, as well as humility in the face of often hostile and dangerous environments. It is thanks to these sports that we learn to be courageous and not afraid to take risks, while remaining respectful and aware of the dangers around us.

In the end, action sports are a real source of motivation for all of us. They show us that it is possible to realize our dreams and become who we want to be, as long as we work hard and never lose hope. That is why, at The Tricks Network, we are proud to support these sports and share these values with all those who share our passion for adrenaline and sporting excellence.

Action sports give those who practice them the opportunity to fully express themselves and discover their true personalities. They allow people to break free from routine and boredom, and find an outlet that allows them to overcome their fears, keep control of themselves, and cope with uncertainty. In daily life, we often don't have the opportunity to understand our identity and discover our qualities, our weaknesses, our degree of reactivity and courage.

But action sports is more than just an individual practice. It is a whole world with its own codes and values, and being passionate or practicing means becoming a member of the vast family that is the riders. These sports allow people to develop new friendships and share a common passion, while also supporting and encouraging each other. It is a way to feel alive and experience new sensations, and that is why we are so attached to these sports and their values.

Nothing is more pleasing than living and sharing your passion with other passionate people: friends, family, or strangers, it doesn't matter, it is the fact of practicing the same sport or sharing the same ride spot that creates a sense of belonging to this universe.

Our Mission

Support the community "by the ground"

The Tricks Network has given itself a mission: to change the status quo and support the action sports industry. For too long, there has been a disparity between the minority at the top and the majority at the bottom. This reality not only disadvantages the industry but also goes against the evolution of the market and global issues. The Tricks Network is shaking up the current system and bring together a unique and strong vision: to help the struggling majority of the industry through the riding community, "by the ground". That community that is the essence of action sports and what makes them so special.

Our goal is to help creating value with all players and distribute it to those who need it in the action sports space. We are setting up a system that aims to support the future of our sports, by providing digital solutions for the community that wants to become an actor in the development of these sports. Supporting content creators, riders, experienced or beginner practitioners, non-practitioners, and also highlighting environmental and social initiatives that rely on action sports through dedicated spaces.

Moving forward with those who make up the community, highlighting the passion and values of sports actions while helping organizations better address their challenges: this is the mission of The Tricks Network.

Our values

Values from and transmitted by action sports


For us, passion is an essential value. Beyond our professional skills, it is thanks to our passion for action sports that we came together around #thetricksproject.

There is nothing more satisfying than living and sharing one's passion with other enthusiasts, exchanging with them; and this is what we want to offer to all action sports addicts through Tricks.

Diversity and Openness

Because there is not just one action sports, we want to highlight and give visibility to all its disciplines. Everyone and every practice will find its place within #thetricksproject.

No discrimination between practices, nor devaluation. Everyone and every practice will find its place within #thetricksproject.


As an action sports enthusiast, we are always looking for new sensations and adrenaline, so we push our limits, get out of our comfort zone to broaden it and reach new heights!


Interactions and exchanges are at the heart of action sports, whether we give advice or receive it, the best way to progress is to exchange with other athletes.